Little Fools is a New York-based indie blues rock band. 

The band's lead singer, Shoshana, met guitarist, Aki, in 2013 while playing jazz in NY. Sadly (for us all) they began working on this project only 6-months before Shoshana moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles. 

With frequent visits to each coast, and a long distance musical relationship, the band Little Fools was formed. 


Undoubtedly influenced by their jazz backgrounds, their sound is rooted in American folk traditions. Evoking an almost, singer-songwriter-like quality, Shoshana's narrative lyrics, coupled with her raspy voice, tell a unique story -- one we can all relate to, but her lens is clearly her own.

Aki's guitar voicings often echo the melody of Shoshana's lyrical lines - their interplay the backbone and true sound of the band.